What’s This All About?

VOICE FOR THE SILENT FATHERS BOOK SMALLI’m expecting that you found out about this site through the my first book Voice for the Silent Fathers: My memoir detailing the controversial experience of being the young father of a son who would grow up to be the gayest man on the planet!  My “NO SON OF MINE!!” street gangster mentality evolves during my difficult life journey coming to realize that his responsibility as a loving father didn’t change just because my son is gay.

Voice for the Silent Fathers is available now in paperback an e-book.  You can purchase and find more information about it by visiting www.voiceforthesilentfathers.com.

Regarding Gangster Turned Guru Presents.  This is my new series of self-help books that will touch on multiple topics including but not limited to, parenting, relationships, health and well-being, cookbooks, physical fitness, Universal Laws and Principals.

My goal is to reach readers in all walks of life and share with them what I’ve learned about myself and others during my 12 years of incarceration in a Federal Prison.

Stay tuned!  At some point, I will be talking directly to you!

Eddie K. Wright

Gangster Turned Guru