Gangster Turned Guru Presents: Current Events: Las Vegas

The recent shooting in Las Vegas Nevada has many people wondering how any person could commit such an act and why God would allow it to happen. When tragic events occur that appear to make no sense with logic and reason, our faith, trust and belief in an all-loving God can be put into question, shaking the core confidence in our higher power.
Naturally, our country is grieving for the injured and those that lost loved ones. A huge population is angry because these mass shootings continue to happen with no solution to a growing problem. I’m not claiming to personally have the answer, but my faith and trust that God is in control at all times remain.

When situations happen on such a large scale as in Las Vegas, a firm conviction of an almighty God can be difficult to maintain. We pray for clarity and ask why? Many simply chalk it up to the devil’s doing or an evil force that’s in opposition with the goodness of God, a God who just lost the battle that day but not the war. Others will use this event as evidence in their case against the belief that any type of God can possibly exist with mass shootings at the Newtown elementary school, Pulse nightclub and now, here, at a country music concert that helped in mounting a strong prosecution for their claim.

So how could I continue to sustain my conviction that we live in a spiritual system that’s governed by God’s Universal laws? I’ve been confronted with this question often in the confines of one of the most violent Penitentiaries in America. But it’s not the penitentiary that’s violent, it’s the individuals that choose to make it so.

After having made a conscious choice in changing the way I live my life, that violence hasn’t physically affected me, but the possibility is always there and should it come, I would take the personal responsibility of accepting my role in its creation because everything happens for a reason and purpose, even when it makes no sense to my finite understanding.

I know that we are blessed with the choice to choose who we are in this relative world and in order to have that choice, the opposite to choose from must exist. This realm of relativity allows us to express who we choose to be in our relationships with ourselves, others and with our higher power. This is the essence of God’s unconditional love, the freedom of the choice to choose. But remember that in order for us to experience God’s absolute love, everything that love is not must exist. There’s no light without dark, left without right, good without bad or love without hate.

Our belief in God can be tested when we lack a clear understanding that God has this life thing under control. There’s a spiritual system in the way life operates, a system that we’re able to use in creating our individual experience and our collective experience.

When things are working according to our plans, it’s easy to recognize God’s role in bringing it all together, but when events like the Las Vegas shooting happen, our belief can be discombobulated as if God was asleep on the job. That’s a result of our limited foresight and in the raw moment of certain events, we’re unable to see the final outcome which is often revealed in time. But God knows the ultimate result. God perceives an acorn taking root in the soil, growing into a great oak tree that’s cut down a hundred years later and used for firewood to heat the house and cook the meal all in one moment. I can’t do that and I’ve learned to find comfort in not having too and just put my trust in God.
Don’t allow your fear, anger, and confusion dictate the way you think about the goodness of life because the immutable laws of attraction will draw experiences according to your inner thoughts and beliefs. God is good all the time, even in what appears to be a negative situation. The Universal laws of cause and effect emerge as the creative principle, but don’t misconstrue the principal for the essence of God’s personality which is the infinite love that’s always working for us.

I choose to consciously use my freedom of the laws to resist the evil with an abundance of good, the negative with an abundance of positive and the darkness with an abundance of light. Please believe me, it’s not always easy for the Gangster Turned Guru to stay positive and optimistic, but I’ve experienced that it brings better results than being negative and pessimistic. There’s plenty of times when I have to just “let go and let God,” but that’s because I trust God with an unwavering faith and expectant heart. So again, don’t allow negative situations or conditions in your life, divert your faith and belief in your higher power. Look at them as opportunities to depend on your relationship with God all the more during this journey of life.

Gangster Turned Guru





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